Bright Blue Data is a small (but mighty!) consulting firm that helps campaigns, organizations, and companies implement winning strategies using data, analytics, and technology.


Political Campaigns

The ultimate goal of a modern data-driven campaign is to maximize the total net votes it earns from all of its activities by optimizing its use of scarce resources. Proper use of data, analytics, and technology results in more net votes earned.

Bright Blue Data can help you increase your chance of victory by running a modern campaign built upon proven best practices:

1. Formulate a realistic, data-informed electoral strategy that maps which “paths to victory” will garner you enough votes to win.

2.  Compile a comprehensive individual-level basefile that enhances your basic voter file with modeled predictive scores and augments other highly relevant, actionable data.

3.  Execute, report, and evaluate the results of your strategy and actions from a centralized database that generates optimized voter contact lists, automates reporting, and enables sophisticated analysis.



Companies, Organizations

Organizations know they are capable of achieving more, but have limited resources and bandwidth. Often, it's a struggle just to maintain current output levels, let alone take on new opportunities for growth.

Bright Blue Data can help you take your business to the next level by unleashing the power of your data to improve upon your current practices:

1. Streamline your processes and workflows using technology. Do what you’re currently doing, but better, quicker, easier, and with less errors. Automation will free up time, resources, and bandwidth for new opportunities.

2.  Centrally coordinate your data throughout your entire organization to harness your information and gain unprecedented analytical insight and industry knowledge.

3.  Optimize your resource allocation with data-driven strategies, tactics, execution, reporting, evaluation, and experimentation. Your increased efficiency will enable you to achieve more with less!




We help you solve problems with data-driven solutions that effectively, efficiently, and accurately get the job done. Bright Blue Data works with you to assess, advise, guide, execute, and manage the necessary components that unleash the power of your data:


Plot your path to success. Craft, evaluate, and monitor your strategic options, choices, KPIs, and goals.


Harness your datasets into usable information. Collect, clean, consolidate, match, enhance, synchronize, manage, and mine all your disparate data.


Extract knowledge and insight from your upgraded information. Systematic reporting and recommendations based on outcomes, data, statistics, and scientific analysis.


Convert analytical insight into results-oriented action. Create, choose, install, implement, integrate, and innovate your technology solutions in simple, cost-effective, creative ways that don’t require a large, highly-skilled tech team.


Accelerate, multiply, and amplify your actions to achieve your goals sooner. Empower your people and stakeholders by increasing understanding, adoption, and ability.


Stay on the right track to success. Ongoing guidance and expertise as you navigate speed bumps and unforeseen roadblocks.




Hi, I’m Warren Flood, President of Bright Blue Data. I help organizations move their target audiences to action by bridging the gap between strategy, messaging, and operations using data, analytics, and technology.

What started as a single volunteer hour for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2007, quickly grew into a series of dream jobs for me, including: National Regional Data Director for Obama for America in 2008, Information Systems & Technology Director for Vice President Biden’s office at the White House, National Targeting Generalist for the Democratic National Committee in 2010, and Analytics Strategic Projects Director for Obama for America in 2012.

Today, I work with political campaigns, non-profits, and corporations throughout the United States and internationally, including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Canada.

I’m on LinkedIn.  ( Click here for more info. )